MailChimp helps people send better email. And they support important things like Plywood People, Niice, CreativeMornings, and podcasts like Serial.

In 2013, I learned a lot as a writing intern in MC's DesignLab.

MailChimp wanted to show Atlanta that they're constantly changing and simplifying things. I was asked to make a billboard without words. I used a bunch of bananas and a Sharpie. And a billboard.

Fun!... Retired MailChimp billboards are made into bags and wallets by Plywood People. Buy one!


MC sponsored a screening of Planet of The Apes at a film festival in New York. 

David SizemoreJason Travis and I made a video telling people to turn off their phones.


One of the development floors at MailChimp had a large empty corner with an ugly Coke refrigerator. The developers weren't feeling the love they're supposed to feel, so we turned the corner into a functional bodega, where employees can pick up magazines, snacks and drinks.